About us

Our Mission


To provide world-class building and maintenance solutions that save time and solve problems.

We don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise on quality.





Our Values


Our Values define us as a company  - To know our customer is to take their needs as our own , there

budget as ours , expectation of quality work for the money tenderd.




Core Operating Values


        ·         Honesty and Integrity

                    ·         Results Oriented/Work Ethic

·         Professionalism   

·         Problem Solving 

·         Positive Attitude 



                            NHBRC Certified                                                   BIBC Registered  

We specialize in the supply and installation of the following products:

Beta Fence , Clearview Fence, Vibracrete, Palisade Fence, Welded Mesh Fence,

Diamond Mesh, NuTec Fence, Sliding Gates, Pedestrian Gates, Security Gates, Gate Motors

and accessories, Electric Fence, Burglar Bars


Building Of Walls And Pillars, small to medium building contracts such as

Braai's and Fire Boma’s, extensions or conversions, available in the Overberg area.


We offer competitive prices, all installations are done by the Owner;

that means no unsupervised sites, ever!

We have excellent references and believe in service excellence.

Time is money and we believe that our clients deserve only the best services.


Do you require professionally installed fencing at affordable prices?

Look no further, we have a list of products for you to choose from. 


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We supply and install:
Beta Fence, Clearview Fence, 
Vibracrete, Palisade, 
Welded Mesh Fence, 
Diamond Mesh, NuTec Fence
Gates, Gate Motors 



Products available

Beta Fence / Clearview

The secure non-intrusive solution to family security

Custom palisade

For those who dare to be different, your design is key

A Modern twist

Modern fencing solutions for the young and innovative

diamondmesh / mesh fence

Basic but secure enough to keep the dogs inside. Good fences makes good neighbours...