Company Mission & Values


Our Mission

To provide world-class building and maintenance solutions that save time and solve problems.

We don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise on quality.


Our Values

Our Values define us as a company  - To know our customer is to take their needs as our own , there budget as ours , expectation of quality work for the money tenderd.



Core Operating Values:

·         Honesty and Integrity

·         Results Oriented/Work Ethic

·         Professionalism

·         Problem Solving

·         Positive Attitude



We Are Professionals

NHBRC No: 3000257276


Cell: 072 787 5486

Whatsapp: 072 787 5486


WE don't Waste YOUR Time

Our team of installers and office staff will ensure that you get a quick turnaround on your projects.

We will set up a fixed time for the appointment, and we will call ahead should we be running late.

We Demand Excellence

We have rigorous standards. We don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise on quality. Depend on it!

Suprisingly Affordable

We stick to projects that we do well. And there is no hourly fees, no surprizes .

You only pay for project required items. 

You Risk Nothing

We WILL get your project completed. Should you not be satisfied with the end product, we will be happy to return to make any amendments requested within reason of the alocated project budget. For any unforseen project issues, we will be back to inspect and offer rofessional and affordable remedies where applicable.

Give us a try. We’re waiting for your call.